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Trinity College London is the international examinations and qualifications board. We are validated to offer their Diploma in Professional Acting alongside our full time 1 & 2 Year Courses.

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We are validate by De Montfort University to run our 3 Year BA (Hons) in Professional Acting

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"The college has very good connections with a wide range of industry professionals. It uses these to give students good exposure and plentiful opportunities to be seen.” 

“The course is outstandingly well designed and fully equips the aspiring actor in all their essential disciplines.”

 Inspected“Teachers create an excellent working environment for students which is collaborative and friendly yet relentlessly focused on students’ fierce ambitions to become working actors. Lessons are stimulating and rewarding.” 





Andrew Candish

1YR Professional Acting 2015

My time at DSL prepared me for all areas of the acting profession. I really appreciate how rigorous the training is while enabling us to find our own approach. Not only have I graduated with a superb acting 'toolbox' for working in everything from stage, screen, audio, corporate and commercials, I also have a great understanding of how to approach the industry and find work. On top of all this I have made friends for life and had the best of times. 

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