2014 Graduates

"I truly had the time of my life at DSL. There's something very special about the place and although I'm sad to have left I've graduated excited about all the future has to offer. The training has equipped me with all the tools of the trade and more and it's a testament to you and the teaching staff for creating an environment where we weren't afraid to try, fail and get back up again. I am very proud to be a graduate of DSL and will sing its praises far and wide."
Annabel Nicolson-Green 2014 - 1YR 

"As soon as I came through the door for my first DSL audition I knew I wanted to train here. As soon as I was offered a place I cancelled my auditions at other schools. There is nothing during the past year that makes me regret my decision. At a relatively late stage in life to train as an actor I have made new friends for life both among the faculty and my fellow students."
Timothy Harker 2014 - 1YR 

"Drama Studio London has truly been the best experience of my life. It has allowed me to go after my dream and provided me with so many opportunities such as the RSC Workshop and an audition for the West Yorkshire Playhouse. I cannot speak highly enough of the place and all the support from the faculty. Thank you for everything."
Sydney Aldridge 2014 - 2YR

"Drama Studio has been an absolutely amazing experience. It's been everything I hoped it would be and so much more, I couldn't have asked for a better experience of training. I don't think I fully understood this when I applied, but the incredible levels of support and community at DSL are so important, and have helped me so much. It really is a special place, and I am so grateful for my time here."
Ailis Duff 2014 - 1YR

"Drama Studio London is a fantastic school. The training is challenging, thorough and multifaceted.The staff are incredibly helpful and supportive.These have been two absolutely wonderful years, years that that I will never forget. I've grown both as a person and a performer. I've learnt so much and feel ready for the industry.Thank you."
Fiona Keane 2014 - 2YR

"Thank you for support and fantastic training to prepare for the industry. It also is such a supportive and nurturing environment and I will never forget my year here, one of the best life decisions I have made to train at DSL."
Esme Sears 2014 - 1YR

"The thought of not having to come to DSL every day is a sad one because of the brilliant way that it is run (amazing office people keeping it all going) and the fact that it feels like such a safe place to try things out and become a better actor. However, the thought of leaving DSL and going out into the big bad acting world is an exciting one because of the way that DSL prepares and trains you for what is to come. I couldn't have asked for a better experience...thanks so much!"
Amy Harris 2014 - 2YR

"I really have thoroughly enjoyed my time here, and have learnt a great deal through the practical application of technique in almost all of the classes."
Joseph Hardy 2014 - 1YR

"I have had the best year of my life, without a doubt. I've met amazing people, had an incredible time, and feel ready to enter the industry. The teachers are people who've actually been in the acting world, so they're advice and knowledge really men's something. Plus they're often ones that also teach at Rada or Lamda. The best thing about DSL is that no one is left out of the loop. All of you receive the same staff time, meaning you are all treated equally, unlike other schools where (if you aren't seen as a star) you can fall into the cracks and disappear. The one year course gives you the confidence you need to succeed, without deceiving you about the industry. It will be hard out there, but with the training I've received, I feel ready to go out and give it a really good go!"
Gemma Wilson 2014 - 1YR

"Drama Studio was an incredible home for two years - the most supportive and rewarding place to learn a craft. I look at my fellow graduates and see inspiring actors and wonderful people - thank you."
Matthew Maltby 2014 - 2YR

"It has been an absolutely fantastic course. Everything you can think of about the industry in covered which I think is rare of courses at other schools. The teachers are so supportive and dedicated to the growth of the students."
Laura Kent 2014 - 1YR

"DSL is a wonderful place that not only nurtures your passion for acting but enhances it. The teachers, staff and the DSL environment in general is the best any aspiring actor could ask for. The past year has been full of amazing new friendships and self exploration that has taught me an immense amount. Can't recommend DSL enough!!"
Madhav Vasantha 2014 - 1YR

"DSL is a very special, very intense experience. The staff take care to nurture and develop every actor. There is also a real focus on preparing you for the business of being an actor, which is often lacking at other schools. I leave knowing that I've formed relationships which will have a lasting impact on my life and my career."
Genie Kaminski 2014 - 1YR

"I have enjoyed my training very much as I have learned so much that will help me on my lifelong goal of working as a professional actor."
Nathaniel Horne 2014 - 2YR

"DSL has been the best year of my life. I came into it hardly knowing anything about the industry, and I leave very confident that I am now equipped with the tools and knowledge to pursue a successful career in acting as well as the many other areas of the industry I hadn't previously considered. I've learnt so much, met some incredible people (students and staff alike) and have made some amazing memories. Thank you DSL."
Wendy Carr 2014 - 1YR

"I have not only become a better actor but I have become a better, more confident human being. This training gives you all the tools you need to succeed and highlights what strengths you have as a person and as an actor so you can be the best that you can possibly be. To everyone at Drama Studio London, thank you. I will always look back with fond memories."
Nicholas Bourne 2014 - 2YR

"DSL has been the time of my life. It was not just an acting course to find, improve and relish your skills but it made me embrace who I really am. It is taught by the most professional, supportive and caring staff that pushes, catches and guides you just at the right moment. It is well paced with no day repeating itself and the body of students is in itself an always supporting base, where the strongest bonds are formed to last forever. I have left DSL knowing what will be expected from me, that jobs will not come easy but if you work hard you can get them and this feeling instored hope, readyness and joy."
Sonja Zobel 2014 - 1YR

"It's been a fantastic two years and I now feel like whatever I'm thrown at in the future, I'll always be able to get to grips with it and give it my best shot!"
Monty d'Inverno 2014 - 2YR

"Thank you to everyone at DSL, every day was an absolute pleasure."
Fergus Leathem 2014 - 1YR

"The feelings I have for the past two years I cannot really put into words other than it has been the biggest turning point in my life. For the past 25 years I had been searching for something and I found it at Drama Studio London and it was my passion to be an actor. We have become a small family at DSL and there is no where else where that would have been possible. The Directors and teachers on the course are the people who have had the biggest impact in my life. I will always remember and never forget the training at this school"
Andrew Seddon 2014 - 2YR


Rachel Fenwick

1YR Professional Acting 2015

I really want to thank all the staff for their support, encouragement and patience. I am so glad that DSL works to build your confidence as a unique performer rather than trying to mold you into a particular ideal. I found the small, intimate nature of the school and its vocational training very nurturing and feel the year has been the stepping stone I needed to help me set out on my career as a performer. Many thanks!

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