2013 Graduates

"I've had an incredible year. I've learnt from some of the best and I'm confident that everything I've been taught will contribute to future work. I've felt supported throughout the year particularly by Gill, who from the beginning has gone above and beyond to ensure that I've been alright. The course is challenging, but it's supposed to be and that's part of the fun. I've already recommended it to a number of friends (three of whom are coming next year) and I will continue to do so- giving a little back to DSL after everything it's given me. Clichéd maybe, but true!" 
2013 - 1 YR

"I think DSL is a fantastic school, with a close knit family feel. I feel the tutors are as much friends as tutors who I feel I can go to with any problem and feel this will continue after graduation.... I feel the training given at DSL will see me through all aspects of the profession and I will deeply miss it. Thank you so much for everything this year." 
2013 - 1 YR

"The course has been one of the most rewarding and enjoyable things I've ever done. Thank you to all the staff."
Nick Bissessar 2013 – 1 YR

"It has been the most incredible year of my entire life so far (at 45 yrs old that's saying something!) & I would like to pass on my sincere gratitude to each and every member of staff for their patience, understanding & for passing on their wonderful gifts of knowledge & wisdom: especially to Gill K and Crispin H who have both been people I have an incredible respect & at the same time, if i am allowed to say, an incredible fondness for...I am very excited (and at the same time hopefully realistic) about my future and DSL has been somewhere that I will look back upon as being "Bloody Brilliant ". Thank you, Thank you for bearing with me, putting up with me and giving me a brand new lease of LIFE." 
Mark Brent 2013 – 1 YR

"My time at DSL has been outstanding. I have grown and developed as both a performer and an individual in ways I didn't think were possible. I have learnt skills that will support me through this career and made lifelong friends along the way. I will miss it dearly. Thank you." 
2013 - 1 YR

"I have discovered a lot of new sides to my self as a person and as an actor these last two years, both through class exercises and roles I've played. The teaching constantly pushed me to be bold, imaginative and ambitious in my work which broke down a lot of barriers. I feel really well prepared to go into the industry in both a creative and business sense."
Emma Kemp 2013 - 2 YR 

"DSL is a very very special place. The whole year truly goes beyond nurturing your talents as actors, but towards creating self sufficient people, ready to take on one of the most challenging industries. A truly amazing year!" 
2013 - 1 YR

"I really enjoyed my time here and felt I really developed as an actor. Learnt lots about the industry and feel really equipped with all the necessary things to start my life as a professional actor. The staff have been great and really personable and it's been a brilliant experience."
Colette O'Rourke 2013 – 1 YR

"The whole experience has been both fun and challenging. the staff and administration team have really helped me to feel welcome and have provided a really supportive environment."
Simon Garrington 2013 – 1 YR

I would like to thank all the staff and visiting Directors at DSL, not only for teaching me how to act, but for giving me the best education in life. This course has changed my life and has enabled me to believe I can succeed.
Matthew Sheppard 2013 - 2 YR


Rachel Fenwick

1YR Professional Acting 2015

I really want to thank all the staff for their support, encouragement and patience. I am so glad that DSL works to build your confidence as a unique performer rather than trying to mold you into a particular ideal. I found the small, intimate nature of the school and its vocational training very nurturing and feel the year has been the stepping stone I needed to help me set out on my career as a performer. Many thanks!

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