2012 Graduates

1-Year on update: "I just wanted to say thank you. Things are going so well for me at the moment and I know this is due to the training and support I got, whilst at DSL. You really have prepared me for the industry and given me the confidence (as well as the skill set) to make acting my career."
Anna Rowland 2012 - 1YR 

“I have soaked up and loved every minute of the 2 year course. I feel so lucky to have spent two years with such lovely, talented individuals. These two years have been the most important of my life so far and I feel ready and fully equipped to embark on my career as an actress. I cant imagine having the training that I have had anywhere else. This is one choice that I can look back on and can firmly say was the right one. I feel that the school has not only prepared me to handle work but also prepared me as a person and for that I am eternally grateful. I hope to make the school and staff proud of what I hope to achieve. Thank you for two wonderfully incredible years.”
Tara Dowd 2012 - 2YR

“The best two years of my life. It has turned me into an actor.”
Kayleigh Phillips 2012 - 2YR

“I have had good times, hard times, sad and happy times. But looking back I have had the time of my life and it will be one of those life experiences that will last forever. I will miss this place.”
Alfie Eden 2012 - 2YR

“I had an amazing time, it was a massive challenge but I felt supported the whole way. I feel as ready as I ever will to enter the industry. Thank you for everything.”
Daisy Watts 2012 - 2YR

“The 2 years were amazing. The course has given me the tools I need to feel completely ready and comfortable  for the industry . From when I started the course to now I cannot believe how much I have grown and changed. The course has helped me grow in confidence as an actor but also as a person. The hardest but most wonderful two years of my life.” 
Alexandra Ryall 2012 - 2YR

"I loved the course and have had the best year, it has really prepared me for the industry and I have been able to work with some amazing directors. Really feel I have developed into an actor ready to get work. Thank you for an incredible experience, I shall miss it."
Amelia Griggs 2012 - 1YR

"I've had a great year - which has absolutely flown by. I feel vastly more confident in my technique. The quality of the teaching has been excellent."
James Burgess 2012 - 1YR

"This year at DSL has been absolutely fantastic! I feel I have learnt so much - the course is incredibly rich and very varied and it all feels valuable. The tutorial system is excellent, the vast list of contacts you make from the year is excellent, the environment is very supportive and constantly drives you forward, and I do feel it prepares you realistically to face the industry."
Eva Savage 2012 - 1YR

"Panto and Shakespeare are really fantastic and make DSL stand out as a school. Great course with a real sense of communal support."
Maxwell Tyler 2012 - 1YR

"It has been an absolutely excellent year. Thank you for all your hard work in making us better actors."
Tom Evans 2012 - 1YR

"I have had an amazing year and learnt more than I ever thought possible."
Chloe Culhane 2012 - 1YR

"It's been a fantastic year! I've learnt a great deal and enjoyed working with everyone and will remember my time at DSL with great fondness. Thank you for everything."
Jack Greenlees 2012 - 1YR

"I loved my year at DSL. I met great people and all tutors are friendly and helpful."
Phoebe Sherriff 2012 - 1YR

"I honestly think that it was the best possible place I could have gone to for me and that it gave me everything that I wanted to get out of it and more. I don't think the core subject teachers that we had could have been found better anywhere else. I had an amazing year and it helped me a lot as a person."
Edward Anderson 2012 - 1YR

"The Shakespeare workshop is maybe one of the schools biggest selling points. It was incredible and I can see it serving me throughout my career. I have really enjoyed my year at DSL and many parts of the course have been phenomenally good."
Mathilda Holland 2012 - 1YR

"One of the best years of my life."
Nicholas Maxwell 2012 - 1YR

"My time at DSL has been so valuable. The tutors are very supportive and patient. Every aspect of the course will help me in the future."
Louisa Quinn 2012 - 1YR

"If you work hard and focus on the little and big things you have to then the year will give you an abundance of new skills. The year has fully prepared me for entering the business confidently and with a clear idea of what I want to do and how to make it possible."
James Wardell 2012 - 1YR

"I have had a fantastic year. I truly feel the training has been brilliant. All in all I loved it. Thank you."
Clare Scott 2012 - 1YR

"Fantastic staff who are extremely knowledgeable about the industry."
Paul Cammack 2012 - 1YR

"I have literally enjoyed everything about my time at DSL."
Grace Dunne 2012 - 1YR

"I have had a fantastic year and I really do feel ready to go out into the industry and that I also have a great support network should I need it."
Sadie Tonks 2012 - 1YR

"Overall it was a wonderful year which has that strange juxtaposition of feeling like a lifetime, yet going by so fast. I liked every aspect of the course and felt it was set out perfectly."
John McInnes 2012 - 1YR

"It has been a wonderful and thorough year that covers everything and gives you a taste for more."
Jessica Duffield 2012 - 1YR

"I have had a wonderful year and grown in so many ways, both as a person and as an actor, thanks to the passion and care of the tutors here. It has been full of ups and downs throughout and I feel I have learned and grown from each."
Corran Royle 2012 - 1YR


Rachel Fenwick

1YR Professional Acting 2015

I really want to thank all the staff for their support, encouragement and patience. I am so glad that DSL works to build your confidence as a unique performer rather than trying to mold you into a particular ideal. I found the small, intimate nature of the school and its vocational training very nurturing and feel the year has been the stepping stone I needed to help me set out on my career as a performer. Many thanks!

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