Audition Guidelines

  • Audition Guidelines - Round 1 +

    A half-day session working with a small group of other auditionees. The audition will normally begin with a talk about the school and the training, then after a warm-up you will be asked to take part in a series of acting and improvisation exercises, either individually or in groups.

    You should also prepare two two-minute speeches from published plays, not film or television scripts. One must be in verse from a play by Shakespeare or another Jacobean playwright, and one modern speech from a play written after 1955. You may not be required to perform both speeches to the group at the first round stage, but you will need both if you get a recall.

    We would advise you to do pieces in your own accent, choosing the style based on what you feel you do best and what is reasonably close to you in age and background. Please, keep your speech to 2 minutes maximum!

    In performance be truthful, honest and simple. Let your own instincts guide you, based on having read the whole play - we are looking for what you personally have to offer, not anybody else's interpretation of the speech. So don't worry if you haven't had either any help or 'coaching' on your speeches. We will also be looking at how people respond to feedback or direction.

    Our values are Respect, Endeavour and Enthusiasm and we are looking for evidence of these even at audition.

    At the end of the session, you will be told the result of your audition. If unsuccessful at this stage, you may be given advice on how to improve your potential for success in future acting training auditions; if successful, you will be asked to attend a recall audition.

  • Audition Guidelines - Round 2 +

    A half-day session working with a small group of other auditionees. For this session, you will normally be working with a very senior member of the faculty. We try to ensure that the two people you meet at recall will not have met you in the first round. A brief warm-up will lead to performing your two speeches to the group, after which you may be asked to re-work your speech. You will then read through (and possibly spend some time working on) a scene of the director's choice, and possibly take part in further acting/improvisation exercises.

    If you are successful at this stage, you will be asked to stay for a 20 minute interview.

    1 & 2 Year Course applicants will be notified of your audition outcome on the results day of the block in which you applied.

    BA (Hons) applicants will be notified of your audition outcome within 4 weeks following the recall.

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Key Facts

  • Start Date: Monday 23rd October 2017
  • End Date: End of July 2020
  • Audition Fee: £47.50
  • Qualification: BA Hons in Professional Acting
  • Accreditation: Drama UK
  • Career Launch: Showcase, Ensemble Performance, 2 Graduation Shows

Tom Vanson

1YR Professional Acting 2014

DSL was life-changing, and I write that fully aware of how horribly cliched it is, but it's true. A well-developed course, supportive staff and real professional experience have made it a delight to train here.

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