Frequently Asked Questions

If you've still got questions after browsing our website perhaps you'll find the answer to them here:

Q. Can I pay my fees by monthly instalments?
A. Yes, this can be arranged with accounts once you return your contract and deposit.

Q. How do I pay my audition fee?
A. You can pay by bank transfer (our bank details can be found here), or by cheque made payable to Drama Studio London Limited.
Q. Can I defer my offer?
A. An offer is valid for 1 year. If you would like to defer your place you will be fast tracked through the following year’s audition process, without having to pay the application fee, but will still need to attend a recall audition before the place is re-offered. Therefore, the original offer is not guaranteed.

Q. Do I get an academic qualification?

A. We are a vocational acting school, we are not affiliated to a University and so do not offer academic qualifications. The school is accredited by Drama UK and we are validated by Trinity College London to offer their Diploma in Professional Acting qualification which has been assigned level 5 by OFQUAL. The Diploma can be topped up to a BA after your course. Please see the Trinity College London Diploma in Professional Acting page for more information.
Q. Do you provide accommodation?
A. No, we are a small school and do not have accommodation on offer. Most students will rent together in the local area.

Q. I am an older student, will there be others my age?
A. Our students range from 21 years and up. While there are more students in the 21-30 age bracket we do have some in the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s.
Q. What are the class sizes?
A. Class sizes vary from 11-14 students depending on the academic year.
Q. How many students are in each year?
A. This varies year on year. In the 1 Year Course we have approximately 45-50 students. On the 2 Year Course we have around 30-35 students in each of the 2 years. On the Summer School we have approximately 8-12 students in each group.
Q. What are the normal school hours?
A. Students are usually in school Monday to Friday from 9.30am for roll call until 5.15pm. This can vary during rehearsals when students may be required to stay longer, start earlier or rehearse over the weekend.
Q. Do I get bank holidays?
A. This depends on the time of year and the work requirements. They are not guaranteed.
Q. Are there age requirements for the courses?
A. Yes. For the Summer School you must be 18 or over, for the 1 Year Course 21 or over, and for the 2 Year Course normally 19 or over.

Q. What are the other entry requirements?
A. Our 1 and 2 Year Courses are essentially fast-track courses and therefore require the student to be at a certain technical level in order to begin the course. Applicants may or may not have had much acting experience.

Q. Will it be possible to have a part time job?
A. This is possible on the 2 Year Course as you have most weekends free and the course is at a slower pace, however students on the 1 Year Course may find it more difficult to have a part time job because of the work required outside of school hours as well as the frequency of weekend rehearsals later in the year.
Q. Do you have onsite parking?
A. Parking is for staff and faculty only. Students must make other arrangements.

Q. What are the nearby transport links?
A. We are very close to Ealing Broadway tube station on the central, district and overground lines, South Ealing on the piccadilly line and Ealing Common on the district and piccadilly lines.