As a small school we are unable to offer any student accommodation. You are responsible for making your own living arrangements.

It is recommended that students live close to Ealing. Sharing is common among students and reduces the cost of renting. Each year we set up a private group on Facebook for all students signed up to our 1,2 or 3 year, full-time courses to virtually meet up and hopefully find accommodation together. You can request to join here

Students should budget for around £9,000 per year to cover shared rent, utilities, transport and personal expenses. Travel across London or into Ealing from outside of the city will of course increase this amount as london transport can get expensive.

As the one year training is intensive, there will only be limited opportunities to do evening and weekend jobs. Two year students should find it possible to do some evening and weekend work, if they wish. 

Somewhere to start

The following suggestions are not recommendations or endorsements by Drama Studio London. 


Karen Whyte

1YR Professional Acting 2015

This has without a doubt been the most exciting and fulfilling year of my life to date. The amount I have learned about the industry as a whole is incredible - not only in regards to acting and technique, but also the practicalities of being a working actor. Because of the wonderful teaching staff and ethos adopted by the school, I am graduating feeling fully equipped.

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