If you choose to apply to our 1 or 2 Year Diplomas in Professional Acting you are applying for professional training which is a discipline not a hobby. It will change your life as you evaluate yourself and your beliefs. The work is serious but not solemn.

You must be prepared for the self-analysis necessary to succeed, challenging yourself to be strong, bold and clear in the search for creative freedom and confidence.

The aim is to launch you into immediate employment. You will get work, if you work hard here. While some graduates attain careers at the highest level, most go on to make significant contributions to their profession, encouraged by their Drama Studio London training to establish and abide by the highest standards of excellence and integrity.

Students must be prepared for some irregular hours, especially during rehearsal time. This may include some weekends.

We also ask that students are not engaged professionally during their training without obtaining the prior permission of the Principal or Course Director.


Karen Whyte

1YR Professional Acting 2015

This has without a doubt been the most exciting and fulfilling year of my life to date. The amount I have learned about the industry as a whole is incredible - not only in regards to acting and technique, but also the practicalities of being a working actor. Because of the wonderful teaching staff and ethos adopted by the school, I am graduating feeling fully equipped.

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