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Departments & Faculty



Crispin Harris

Stagecraft & Theatre History Teacher

Crispin is a film, TV and theatre actor, he also teaches pantomime, acting and directs. He is also the founder of the award-winner Hidden Pearl Productions company, has sung as a soloist in concerts, operas and church choirs, and has broadcast on Radio 2. His writing has won an Edinburgh Fringe Best Revue and a Northern Arts Award nomination for his musical Someday Soon. 


  • Gill Amos: Impulse, Theories of Acting & Class Scenes Work Teacher
  • Lucy Askew: Auditions Workshop Teacher
  • Remy Bertrand: Improvisation Teacher 
  • Deborah Black: Suzuki & Viewpoints Teacher
  • Steve Brownlie: Mask & Clown Workshop Teacher
  • Peter Craze: Sight Reading Teacher
  • Jilly Bond: Sight Reading Teacher
  • Jenny Eastop: Character Class Teacher
  • Jonathan Kemp: Character Class Teacher 
  • Gillian King: Text Into Performance, Class Scenes Work and Drama Based Training Teacher
  • Richard Knight: Mask & Clown Workshop Teacher
  • Illona Linthwaite: Impulse and Storytelling Teacher
  • Sarah Meadows: Auditions Workshop Teacher
  • Brendan Murray: Sight Reading Teacher
  • Matthew Parker: Stagecraft Teacher
  • Chris Pickles: Auditions, Approach to Text and Classical Text Teacher
  • Darren Royston: Restoration Workshop Leader
  • Marcin Rudy: Physical Theatre Teacher
  • Oliver Senton: Improvisation Teacher 
  • Glynne Steele: Applied Character Teacher
  • Emmett Tams: Impulse Teacher
  • Helen Tennison: Emotional Dynamics & Class Scenes Work Teacher
  • Michael Toumey: Approach to Text Teacher
  • Phil Whelans: Improvisation Teacher 
  • Holly Wilson: Auditions Teacher
  • Nicholas Jonne Wilson: Physical Character Teacher



Keith O'Brien

Movement & Period Movement Teacher

During a 15-year performance career, ranging from cabaret, film work and theatre work (including West End), Keith has worked in a variety of movement and dance styles and genres. He has worked as movement director/choreographer, both professionally and within colleges on numerous productions and been involved in training actors and dancers for the past 25 years. 

  • Raniah Al-Sayed: Yoga Teacher
  • Juliet Chambers: Laban Teacher
  • Philip d'Orleans: Stage Combat Teacher, equity registered fight director/teacher and BASSC fight examiner 
  • Cory English: Dance & Entertainment Teacher
  • Emma Flett: Dance Teacher
  • Christina Llavina: Alexander Technique Teacher
  • Enric Ortuno: Stage Combat Teacher
  • Ronin Traynor: Stage Combat Teacher
  • Aiden Treays: Yoga Teacher
  • Marcin Rudy: Physical Theatre Teacher



Dewi Hughes

Voice, Applied Voice, Phonetics & Speech Teacher

Dewi has worked as Voice Coach and Accent Coach on a number of theatre productions, including international tours and shows on London's West End. Prior to his work with the Studio he has taught at London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, Drama Centre, Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, and Arts Educational Schools London. He has also been interviewed by the BBC and Time Magazine about his work with clients from the corporate field.

  • Nicola Collett: Voice & Speech Teacher
  • Rebecca Cuthbertson: Applied Voice, Voice & Character Voice Teacher
  • Paul Knight: Singing Teacher
  • Jane Marlow: Singing Teacher
  • Lucie Rutherford: Voice & Speech Teacher
  • Marianne Samuels: Voice & Character Voice Teacher
  • Kara Tsiaperas: Voice Teacher
  • Kay Welch: Accent Teacher


Tucker David

David Tucker

Screen Acting & TV Interviews Teacher

David's credits as a director of television drama include A Very Peculiar Practice (BAFTA nomination), A Very Polish Practice (British Comedy Awards nomination), Behaving Badly (International Emmy nomination), Stanley & The Women (BANFF International TV Festival Best Series Award), Casualty, Lark Rise to Candleford, Burn The Clock, Eastenders, Holby City, Where the Heart Is, Born and Bred, Midsomer Murders, A&E, Bramwell, Grafters and Miss Marple. He has also directed productions for the RSC, Bristol Old Vic and Liverpool Playhouse.

  • Jilly Bond: Microphone Technique Teacher
  • Dominic Brigstocke: Screen Acting Teacher
  • Emma Chrispin: Commercials Teacher
  • Robert Del Maestro: TV Interviews Teacher
  • Thomas Hescott: Screen Acting Teacher
  • Gordon House: Microphone Technique Teacher
  • Dominic Kelly: Screen Acting Teacher
  • Patrick Lau: TV Interviews Teacher 
  • Rikki Lawton: Microphone Technique Teacher
  • Simon Mattacks: Commercial Microphone Technique Teacher & Auditions Workshop Leader
  • Jo Monro: Microphone Technique Teacher
  • Carl Prekopp: Microphone Technique Teacher 
  • Nick Reed: Screen Acting Teacher
  • Paul Seed: Screen Acting Teacher & TV Interviews Teacher
  • Rupert Such: Screen Acting Teacher 
  • Marcus D.F. White: Screen Acting Teacher
  • Tracy Wiles: Microphone Technique Teacher



Mark Woolgar

Mark has an MA in English and a Diploma in Education from Oxford University and is a qualified teacher. His work includes director and producer for the Old Vic Theatre Company, a Fellow in Drama at Southampton University, Artistic Director at Derby Playhouse and Senior Moderator for Trinity Guildhall. Mark has also worked in many leading UK Drama Schools including LAMDA, East 15, Mountview, Rose Bruford. Mark is the co-author of a book called Theatre Studies and now works mainly with American University students.


We also have a team of specialist workshop teachers and guest lecturers.


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