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Eight Little Criminals

Eight Little Criminals is a new commission for DSL by Torben Betts which investigates eight people who have committed the most abominable sin: murder.

DSL graduating actors perform this gripping play for the first time

23-25 June | 7.30pm
25 June | 3pm

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...are Ordinary people who commit extraordinary crimes.

Meet Eight Little Criminals in Torben Betts' new play, an original commission for the 2022 DSL graduation shows.

A tautly structured drama centring on six distinct stories, each a crisp examination of the ultimate banality of violence and murder - with compelling revelations.

Drawn from real-life events and distilled to the critical moments of discovery, we meet the victim, the perpetrator and the DIs. Each offender chooses their path with little thought of consequence, with indifference to morality, and with only their own momentary gratification in mind. As we watch we are forced to reckon with the fundamental question — if extraordinary violence is actually so ordinary, can anyone do it? Could you? Are we like them?


Meet the cast: 


Pete HPeter Hadfield

APAndrew Harmon-Gray

TCTessa Chalmers

Emma Haley

Emma Haley

Lucy Teb

Lucy Tebb


Grace Wood

Jack Stoneman

Jack Stoneman

Holly Rose

Holly-Rose Tomlinson


Lara Leboff

Eleri Davies

Eleri Siân Davies

James Grimstone

James Grimstone

Jason Howe

Jason Howe McGowan

Sophie Jones

Sophie Wynn-Jones

Xenia Clegg Littler

Xenia Clegg Littler



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