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Friday, 29 January 2021 14:21

My Reflection on My First Term on the MFA

Rosie Bridges MFAWritten by Rosie Bridges

Current first year student on the 2 Year MFA in Professional Acting with Independent Production


Why did you apply for MFA at DSL?

After studying Drama and English Literature at university and writing my own work avidly in-between a short-lived career in Sales and then Marketing, I gave up my pretence of working a ‘normal’ job and began searching for a career in the arts that I had long postponed. A course in a professional environment was crucial and I became enthralled by the idea of training that would spark both creativity and joy in me. After months of research, the MFA course at Drama Studio London seemed to be the perfect match for me, boasting teaching from established industry professionals, essential technical skills training all within the practice centred conservatoire model. I was won over by the idea of a course that acknowledged the importance of actors creating their own work and not simply ‘waiting for the phone to ring’.

What were your expectations of Drama School before you came?

Before arriving at DSL I was incredibly apprehensive I would not be pushed to my full potential. I’d completed short courses on Stanislavski and screen acting at other schools and I was curious whether the style of teaching would be similar. I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and push myself. Although DSL has pushed me to my limits in the most exciting way, I quickly came to realise their style of teaching does not aim to break you down but instead starts from where you are as an individual and begins to build you up from there. As we are an intimate and relatively small school, I was excited that our practitioners regularly working in the industry rather than looking back on the glory days of how the industry was say 30 years ago.

How has the first term at DSL been?

My first term at DSL has exceeded expectations, and has been a whirlwind of opportunities and growth. We are a small class of 12 which has been perfect for having tailored classes to address our individual needs. We have been challenged, presented with an abundance of knowledge and pushed to grow in every way we can in our first term. Our work has included essential voice and movement work to mask, acting for camera, radio and physical theatre - that’s only skimming the surface! Alongside my newfound love for these classes, it has been a delight to discover that I can in fact remember dance sequences with our Head of Movement's encouragement.

A personal highlight for me was working on Nell Gwynn, with the play's original Director, Christopher Luscombe. We were also lucky enough to have an insightful talk with its writer, Jessica Swale. It was a pleasure to explore the play with Jessica and Christopher sharing their vast knowledge of the industry. It also inspired many of us to try writing and directing!

What are you most looking forward to on the course?

Over the next two years I am keen to progress in screen and audio. I arrived with more theatre knowledge, so these are disciplines I am keen to explore in more depth over the coming terms.
And more generally I am looking forward to combat and singing classes - possibly my two favourite things, self-defence and belting my voice until the windows break!

I would sincerely encourage anyone considering applying for the MFA course to grasp the opportunity. The relationships I have formed at drama school are some of the most fruitful and genuine connections that I have made, and I know will be with me for a long time.

I have learned a great deal over the past few months and truly am exhilarated for the challenges that lie ahead.