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Career Launch

"The college has very good connections with a wide range of industry professionals. It uses these to give students good exposure and plentiful opportunities to be seen." Ofsted

Almost 70% of our 2019 Graduates have already found representation in the 2 months following graduation.

90% of the last 2 years of graduates have found work.

We believe that successfully launching each of our students into their career is one of our main responsibilities. We want your accomplishments and talent fully recognised within the industry. We have a track record of success in this area.

Rune Temte 1994 “DSL gives different approaches, ideas and tools to achieve the ultimate goal: Getting work. It prepared me so well because the faculty have first-hand knowledge of the industry.”

Our graduates are very successful at finding employment, with an average of 80% working in the industry within the first six months of graduating and 87% after 2 years. Many go on to attain notable and, in some cases, outstanding success. 

A glance at our alumni pages will show that many of our students have had outstanding successes in film, TV and theatre, and include BAFTA, EMMY and OSCAR winners in their ranks. Read More

Meet The Professionals

Throughout the courses students have opportunities to meet talent agents, directors and casting directors for seminars, Q&As, mock auditions and early evening talks. This also includes representatives from Casting Call Pro and Spotlight.

Honey Gabriel 2019 “DSL showed me that I don’t just have to be an actor. That my creativity can be used in different avenues from writing and directing, to producing. DSL gave me the confidence to think outside of the box in terms of what I want my career to look like.”

Work Week

In the final term of the courses we hold a week of workshops, talks and advice sessions with people making their living in the industry. These include casting directors, producers in the commercial, fringe and corporate worlds, agents, alumni, accountants, Equity and Spotlight.

West End Showcase

Each year we hire a major London venue to showcase the talent within each graduating group. By this stage in the programmes casting is aimed to show each student's ability and talent in the best light. Short scenes are rehearsed especially for this event.

We invite industry professionals and encourage them to follow any students they might be interested in as they go on to perform in the Ensemble and final Graduation Productions. After the performance the cast gets the opportunity to meet the professional audience.

Ensemble Productions

For the penultimate block of performances we combine the final term students from all course and mount a series of one-hour Ensemble plays based on texts from many ages and cultures.

It is important for our graduates to be able to work quickly and accurately with a number of colleagues and to be seen working in this group environment. We employ professional directors and hire a central London venue for up to three performances a day.

Family and friends are invited as well as members of the industry.

Graduation Productions

By now all performances have full technical support and this series of full-length plays are performed over three weeks in July in two Central London venues. Everyone is cast in a way which shows their talent and range. They are seen as the culmination of all the hard work the students have done. The productions have full marketing support and are the final showcase to the profession. 3 Year BA Course students will perform in 2 Graduation Productions.