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  • We will no longer be accepting applications for 2020 entry* after 5 July 2020. Applications for 2021 entry can be made via UCAS after the 8 September.

    Start Date: October 2020
    End Date: July 2023
    Course Duration: 31 Weeks Per Year
    Hours Per Week: 30
    Audition Fee: £47.50
    Qualification: BA (Hons) in Professional Acting 
    Application Deadline: UCAS deadline is 15th January 2020
    UCAS Code (Course Code): W412 
    Institution Code: W05
    Campus Code: G

    "Achievement at DSL is far in advance of that at many HEIs and is on a par with the best. The programme is designed to meet the professional requirements of the industry and does so with imaginative approaches." Ken Pickering, external examiner for the Degree Course.

     * For 2021 entry see our Admissions page.


    In October 2016, we began an exciting new chapter in DSL’s history, to offer a full-time three year BA (Hons) degree course in Professional Acting . Originally, with De Montfort University, our BA degree course is now validated and awarded by, our partners, the University of West London.

    Taking all the successful elements of the vocational programmes run by DSL, and adding the experience and opportunities offered by a University, this course gives every student a rock solid foundation for a successful career as an actor.

    This course is designed for students who have the talent, passion and commitment to become a professional actor but would also like to gain a BA (Hons) acting degree. Those who already have a degree might prefer to consider our one or two-year vocational courses. 

    The course is 90% vocational which broadly consists of 50% classes across all disciplines (Acting, Voice, Movement, Media, Preparation for the Profession) and 50% scene studies and productions. 10% will consist of written project work in journals, essays, blogs and recordings.

    During the first two years training in core skills provide a solid foundation from which to work from and in the final year there are multiple productions and several opportunities to perform in front of the profession. 
    "The learning outcomes of all modules are achieved to a high level. Outstanding work in radio." Ken Pickering, external examiner for the Degree Course.
    UWL Logo 1tiny Our BA degree course is now validated and awarded by University of West London so you can be sure you'll be getting quality training with an academic stamp. 
    cdmt neg Colour Horizontal 50 Drama Studio London is also ACCREDITED by the CDMT, a governing body that accredits only the top drama schools in the country (this awards us industry recognition of achievement), and is a member of the Federation of Drama Schools.

    Upon graduating you'll receive Spotlight and Equity membership with a full career launch to present you to professional agents and casting directors.    

    Who is it the course for?

    • Students wanting a degree alongside a professional actor's training.
    • Undergraduates perhaps younger or less experienced than those applying for our 1 or 2 Year courses.
    • Students requiring a gentler pace, longer learning breaks or more work to reach a professional standard.
    • Non-UK students eager for a British degree and a British actor training.


    We teach in small groups to ensure a balance of group and individual work. Classes are interactive and practical. We believe in classical training with a modern focus. We do not dictate a single methodology but offer several and encourage each student to find their own process. Click on the Course Structure tab to see a term-by-term list of the taught classes.


    Student productions form a vital part of your development as competent actors. As the course progresses we move from short 'bare bulb' scene studies in rehearsal blacks with no sound, to full-length productions with full technical support. Prior to the graduation season and your professional career launch, all productions and scene studies are presented in-house to students and faculty - all except for our Pantomimes which tour local schools for a week in December. All of our directors are working professionals offering an invaluable gateway into the profession.

    Student Progress

    Before and after every block of work the Directors of Studies meet with Heads of Department along with outgoing and incoming directors and review every student's development. Casting for the next block is decided upon needs and development. Our strong Tutorial System supports this process, providing both educational support and pastoral care.

    Film & TV

    Core acting classes for screen and TV stretch throughout the year. You work with current professional TV directors on all styles of screen acting. You also have training in commercials and TV interviews, with sight reading on camera. The final exercise will be to produce a short film which you can use professionally for casting. You can see the previous year's film clips here.

    Microphone Technique

    As part of the Microphone Technique course, students record two extracts of approximately one minute each which are then uploaded to their Spotlight page, allowing casting directors, radio producers and theatre and television directors to hear examples of their acting and voices on mic.  A teacher from the department assists with the selection and direction of pieces which show the student to best advantage and these are recorded in our on-site studio by an experienced sound technician. You can listen to the previous year's sound clips here.

    After graduation, there is the opportunity to record a longer voice reel - for an additional cost - to which these extracts can be added. 

    Preparing for Work

    Industry-oriented classes are added as the year goes on. These instruct you in auditioning skills, letter writing, CVs and photographs, culminating in a Work Week where the students are seen by agents, casting directors, TV directors, professional employers and others. We train you not just how to act but also how to be an actor.

    Festivals & Competitions

    Students are eligible to represent Drama Studio London in the BBC Carleton Hobbs Radio Competition, Spotlight Showcase, Sam Wanamaker Festival at the Globe Theatre and Royal Shakespeare Company Workshops. Find Out More

    The Graduation Season

    Presentation to the profession begins with the graduates' showcase in the Summer term. Training then culminates in three projects to which members of the profession are again invited: firstly, an in-house public, full-length production, then a short Ensemble  New Writing play and lastly, a fully staged Graduation Production. Later projects are presented in appropriate Central London venues. Friends and family are welcome to attend. Find Out More


    Career Prospects

    Drama Studio London has a high graduate employment rate. The nature of our courses means that our graduates are versatile and able to perform on stage and screen alike. Many of our graduates have gone on to have steady careers right across the industry from stage and screen to writing and directing. 

    75% of our students who graduated in July 2017 have already secured representation. 

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    Quality Assurance

    This course is assessed by an External Examiner. The role of an External Examiner is primarily one of quality assurance, ensuring that our students gain an appropriate outcome from their studies, which is consistent with outcomes at other universities. External Examiners achieve this by reviewing curriculum design and implementation, modules, learning outcomes, student assessments and grades as well as live and recorded performances and reflective journals. The External Examiner is regulated by the Department of Academic Quality. 

    "Drawing on its distinguished history as a major drama school, Drama Studio London has successfully moved into undergraduate work in performance and has instilled the need for reflection and analysis as part of the process. Industry standards of training and achievement are appropriate and the level of work achieved is both comparable and, indeed, superior to that achieved in similar establishments....The Programme has been delivered with flair and energy and the progress of students has been monitored with great care." 
    Ken Pickering, External Examiner 2017

  • Course details:

    Start Date: Monday 5 October 2020*
    End Date: 5 August 2022*
    Course Duration: 66 Weeks**
    Hours Per Week: 30
    Digital Audition Fee: £20.00 (Standard audition fee is £47.50 – currently not available)
    Course Fee: £9,250 per year
    Certificate of Study: Masters in Fine Art (MFA)
    Academic Qualification: MFA in Professional Acting with Independent Production

    *Dates may be subject to change.
    **This programme is only available as full-time across two years.


    DSL is proud to announce the launch of its MFA in Professional Acting with Independent Production. This is a unique and industry led London-based programme delivered by leading professional practitioners. The training also includes European and USA residences to further enhance skills and industry contacts.

    The aim of the MFA is to produce highly skilled, versatile and independently thinking professional actors who can confidently shape a sustainable career in the diverse and continually evolving Performing Arts industries including stage, screen and audio. It includes modules in Independent Production in recognition that today’s actor must create work as well as be in it.

    The course is practical, in-depth and industry informed in its design and delivery. You will be taught throughout the two years by current professional practitioners and working directors in all the specialist training areas of voice, movement and acting for stage, screen and audio; providing you with advanced actor training, alongside rigorous academic study and performance research. Regular contact is also maintained with leading producers, directors, casting directors and agents to ensure that you emerge confident, capable and industry ready.

    The course includes two international residencies. Year 1 will include a one-week, intensive training workshop with a European partner organisation. Year 2 will include a substantial training residency in the USA, at a leading performing arts conservatory. Both these residencies will extend your understanding of specialist areas and explore creative possibilities across cultural landscapes.

    Upon graduating you'll receive Spotlight and Equity membership with a full career launch. You will leave the MFA with a professionally-shot show reel and a voice reel. You will be given the opportunity to showcase your talent in events for the public, agents and casting directors, as well as emerging with your own fully realised production that is ready for touring, viewing or listening.

    The MFA is validated and awarded by the University of West London which prides itself as the Career University. Drama Studio London is also accredited by the Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre (CDMT), a governing body which accredits excellent professional training in the leading drama schools. It is an integral member of the Federation of Drama Schools (FDS), an organisation dedicated to good practice in conservatoire training.

    UWL Logo 1tiny Our MFA is now validated and awarded by University of West London so you can be sure you'll be getting quality training with an academic stamp. 
    cdmt neg Colour Horizontal 50 Drama Studio London is also ACCREDITED by the CDMT, a governing body that accredits only the top drama schools in the country (this awards us industry recognition of achievement), and is a member of the Federation of Drama Schools.


    Who is it the course for?

    The focus for the MFA is the creation of industry ready confident professional actors and the independent production is there to build actors skills to enable them to also create their own work, to be proactive in the industry - providing a grounding in producing and project management as well as actor training.

    • Those holding a first degree – does not need to be in a related subject - OR
    • Those with relevant professional experience in performance.
    • Those looking to lecture - in certain countries an MFA is regarded as an essential Higher Education teaching qualification.

    It may also appeal to:

    • Those interested in working internationally (within national constraints).
    • Those who may want to work part-time or during the long summer break.