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Monday, 15 November 2021 08:54

DSL alumna Shobu Kapoor returns for an Industry Talk

Shobu Kapoor 1Shobu entertained graduating students with tales of her time at Drama Studio London. She gave an insight into the life of a young woman, working as an actress in the UK. She gave particular insight into her time working on soap operas such as East Enders (1993-1998) and Citizen Khan (2012-2016), for which she is most notable.

Read a Q&A with Shobu Kapoor below.

How did actor training prepare you for the industry?

Actor training was a whirlwind. So much was crammed into the course that it is still unfurling decades later. One of the most useful classes was Professional Preparation where we learned about Spotlight, writing letters to theatre companies, applying to agents, etc. This was particularly useful for me as I had just moved over from India and had no idea about how the industry worked here.

How did your career begin?

I got a job with a theatre company on my last day at school, which was great. I also joined an actor’s co-op before I left so I had an agent to begin with. With these in tow, I did a number of theatre jobs before I got a break in TV a couple of years down the line, in a show called Family Pride.

What's it like working on major productions?

Eventually, you realise that major or minor, the basic framework of making drama across all productions is the same. The difference may be in how luxurious or not (mostly not!) your trailer is, or how good the food on production is.

What is a key piece of advice you would give to a graduating actor?

Your job as an actor is to do the very best you can do, notwithstanding whether your trailer is a one way or three way, you're there to do your job. If all actors do that, then there is a level of trust, which is the basis of our work.