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Facilities & Accommodation


Our main home is Grange Court, a large Victorian mansion full of character and charm, high ceilings and big, light rooms. This is the real heart of the school and the base for school administration. Grange Court houses the following campus facilties:

  • There are six spacious rehearsal studios
  • Purpose-built, air-conditioned Grange Court Theatre - seats up to 70 and supports fully mounted productions
  • Library with PCs and internet access
  • Costume department and props store
  • Screen acting studio
  • Sound recoridng studio
  • Student common room where drinks and snacks can be prepared
  • Male and Female changing/locker rooms.

Outside is a well maintained and planted garden, with a seating area which is well used in warmer weather. There is a small car park for staff use. We also use other large spaces close to Grange Court for rehearsals, combat and movement. 

Following our merger with the University of West London, Grange Court remains DSL's campus whilst UWL offers a wide range of facilities and studio space that our students have the use of.


You are responsible for making your own living arrangements. Degree students can contact our REGISTRAR for further information on available accommodation.

As we are affiliated with University of West London, our students can apply for their halls of residence, once we have been confirmed as your firm choice on UCAS/you have confirmed your place at DSL. The university also have lots of information and advice about what to think about when renting privately. See the UWL website for more information.

It is recommended that students live close to Ealing. Sharing is common among students and reduces the cost of renting. Each year we set up a private group on Facebook for all students signed up to any of our full-time courses, meet up virtually and hopefully find accommodation together. You can request to join our 2020-2021 group now.

Students should budget for around £9,000 per year to cover shared rent, utilities, transport and personal expenses. Travel across London or into Ealing from outside of the city will of course increase this amount as London transport can get expensive.

As the one-year training is intensive, there will only be limited opportunities to do evening and weekend jobs. 

Somewhere to start

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