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1 Year Diploma: Course Structure

Winter Term

During this time you will begin to understand the nature and the language of actor training and what it means to be a professional actor: exploring your creativity, gaining confidence, and losing any sense of fear or self-consciousness.

Basic skills are taught in technical classes of movement, voice and speech and a whole series of acting classes, followed by short scene study performances. In the TV and Radio studios, you begin to explore screen acting and microphone technique.

In the second half of the term you will start with a Chekhov text block and end with ten days of full-time rehearsal for a traditional English Pantomime, which is then taken on tour by bus to schools in and around Ealing.

Spring Term

The term begins with a two-day Shakespeare Workshop followed by a series of verse tutorials. Please note that beginning your training with a regional/national dialect is a not a barrier to classical training.

With your growing understanding of text and performance, you progress to a Shakespeare serious text block, followed by a Shakespeare comedy text block with increasing production values.

Your TV and microphone work continues with such things as period drama, soap operas, radio plays and commercial voice-over work.

Following a two-day workshop, this term is completed with a Restoration play performed in full period costume. A familiarity with these difficult texts will be needed should you ever work in this genre and if you can master them in your training, you will feel more at ease when you audition for anything (from Shakespeare to Sitcom) during your career.

Summer Term

Following a week of workshops with industry professionals, you will film and record TV and radio clips with external professionals. The graduate Showcase takes place in a West End theatre to which agents, casting directors and other industry professionals are invited. The training then culminates in two projects to which members of the profession are again invited: firstly, short Ensemble 'Open Space' plays and secondly, fully staged graduation productions. Both projects are presented in appropriate Central London venues.

*NB: Course details and structure are subject to change if necessary.

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Teaching includes the following classes. Click here to see our teaching staff.

Acting Classes

• Impulse • Emotional dynamics • Character • Improvisation • Drama based training • Classical text • Class scenes work • Stagecraft • Storytelling • Sightreading • Approach to text • Text into performance •

Movement Classes

• Movement • Dance • Combat • Laban • Period movement • Physical theatre • Yoga • 

Voice Classes

• Voice production • Speech • Singing • Accents • Phonetics • Public speaking

Media Classes

• Screen acting (TV & Film) • Commercials • Microphone technique • Voice overs • Corporate work

Education Classes

• Auditions • Special education needs • Theatre history • Work Week