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MFA in Professional Acting with Independent Production


Course Details

Start Date: 3 October 2022
End Date: Mid July 2024
Course Duration: 66 Weeks*
Hours Per Week: 30
Audition Fee: £10.00 first round - non-refundable, payable on application / £35.00 recall - non-refundable, payable on invitation to recall
Course Fee: £12,500 per year (UK) / £15,000 per year (International)**

You should expect to budget in the region of £2000 to cover travel, accommodation for the international residencies. Exact costs are confirmed on an annual basis.***

Certificate of Study: Masters in Fine Art (MFA)
Academic Qualification: MFA in Professional Acting with Independent Production

*This programme is only available as full-time across two years.

** All course fees are subject to increases in line with government guidelines.

*** Alternative study within the UK can be provided subject to criteria being met

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DSL is proud to announce the launch of its MFA in Professional Acting with Independent Production. This is a unique and industry led London-based programme delivered by leading professional practitioners. The training also includes European and USA residences to further enhance skills and industry contacts.

The aim of the MFA is to produce highly skilled, versatile and independently thinking professional actors who can confidently shape a sustainable career in the diverse and continually evolving Performing Arts industries including stage, screen and audio. It includes modules in Independent Production in recognition that today’s actor must create work as well as be in it.

The course is practical, in-depth and industry informed in its design and delivery. You will be taught throughout the two years by current professional practitioners and working directors in all the specialist training areas of voice, movement and acting for stage, screen and audio; providing you with advanced actor training, alongside rigorous academic study and performance research. Regular contact is also maintained with leading producers, directors, casting directors and agents to ensure that you emerge confident, capable and industry ready.

The course includes two international residencies. Year 1 will include a one-week, intensive training workshop with a European partner organisation. Year 2 will include a substantial training residency currently scheduled to take place in the USA, at a leading performing arts conservatory (destination country may vary). Both these residencies will extend your understanding of specialist areas and explore creative possibilities across cultural landscapes. Please note that the travel and accommodation for these residencies will be covered at your own expense. We will give you an estimation of the costs as soon as possible at the start of the course but please make sure you budget for this.

Our full-time courses are vocational and practical. We will guide you through Spotlight and Equity membership and provide an industry career launch to present you to professional agents and casting directors. You will leave the MFA with a professionally-shot show reel and a voice reel. You will be given the opportunity to showcase your talent in events for the public, agents and casting directors, as well as emerging with your own collaboratively realised production with your peers, which offers you an additional approach into evolving your professional career.

The MFA is validated and awarded by the University of West London which prides itself as the Career University. Drama Studio London is also accredited by the Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre (CDMT), a governing body which accredits excellent professional training in the leading drama schools. It is an integral member of the Federation of Drama Schools (FDS), an organisation dedicated to good practice in conservatoire training.

Come to an Open Day to find out more about this course and what studying at Drama Studio London is really like.


We are delighted to announce that Drama Studio London has launched THE PROFESSOR PETER JOHN CBE PROFESSIONAL ACTING SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS. The first recipients of the scholarship will be announced this summer.

This scholarship is part of Drama Studio London’s commitment to widening access to the professional acting careers of individuals with great promise.

UWL Logo 1tiny Our MFA is now validated and awarded by University of West London so you can be sure you'll be getting quality training with an academic stamp. 
cdmt neg Colour Horizontal 50 Drama Studio London is also ACCREDITED by the CDMT, a governing body that accredits only the top drama schools in the country (this awards us industry recognition of achievement), and is a member of the Federation of Drama Schools.


Who is it the course for?

The focus for the MFA is the creation of industry ready confident professional actors and the independent production is there to build actors skills to enable them to also create their own work, to be proactive in the industry - providing a grounding in producing and project management as well as actor training.

  • Those holding a first degree – does not need to be in a related subject - OR
  • Those with relevant professional experience in performance.
  • Those looking to lecture - in certain countries an MFA is regarded as an essential Higher Education teaching qualification.


Graduate productions

Open Days

  • Open Days

    Open Days

    An essential introduction to the realities of life at Drama Studio London         “Really enjoyed the classes
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