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Graduation Performances

Showcases 2021

Dates and location: TBC

Each year we hire a major London venue to showcase the talent within each graduating year group. By this stage in the programmes casting is aimed to show each student's ability and talent in the best light. Short scenes are rehearsed especially for this event. 

We invite industry professionals and encourage them to follow any students they might be interested in when they perform in the Ensemble and final Graduation Productions. After the performance the cast gets the opportunity to meet the professional audience.

Devised Performance (BA students only)

The first of two of the BA students' full-length Graduation Productions presented to a public audience. These plays are written and developed especially for our students, building on work they have done earlier in the course. These productions are fully staged and presented in a public venue.

Ensemble or New Writing Productions in June

For the penultimate block of performances for the graduating students, we mount a series of one hour, open space, Emsemble Performances. We hire professional directors and central London venues for these performances.

Our Ensemble/New Writing Productions are cast with graduates across our full-time courses. We open these shows up to all the industry as well as parents and friends who have stood by our students during their demanding studies.   

Graduation Productions

Our full-length Graduation Productions are traditionally performed over three weeks in July in two Central London venues, with full technical support. Everyone is cast in a way which shows their talent and range. They are seen as the culmination of all the hard work the students have done. The productions have full marketing support and are the final showcase to the profession.

Our Graduation Productions are cast with graduates across our full-time courses. We open these shows up to all the industry as well as parents and friends who have stood by our students during their demanding studies.  

On 2018 Grad performance "Cherry Blossom" - "The quality of the work in this piece was very strong. It was also an excellent choice of work for graduating students to demonstrate their abilities. They were all heavily featured, it was modern, it allowed them to work with many art forms, and they all kept within the moment and never for one second lost the audience's attention" Denise Silvery CDMT

How to Book Tickets

If you are a friend or family member of a performer you should book via the student

If you are an industry professional you can book by phone or email:

1. Call the Box Office on 020 8579 3897
2. Email the Box Office at boxoffice@dramastudiolondon.co.uk
Students should not use this email address

If you are a member of the public:

Tickets will only become available on the day of the performance and will be issued on a first come first serve basis. Tickets are not available for the Showcase - this is for industry professionals only. Please contact the Box Office on 020 8579 3879 for more information.