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Our Approach

Our Objective

Our primary objective is to prepare students for a career in the acting profession, learning to positively face the realities of the business. We are careful to select students purely on the basis of talent and potential, regardless of gender, age, race, marital status, language, cultural, social or religious background, physical, sensory or intellectual difficulty, sexual orientation or HIV status. Successful applicants will have the maturity and emotional ability to cope with the demands of an intensive training and the potential to succeed as professional actors.

A Finger on the Pulse

At Drama Studio London we continually take note of what the industry is asking for, closely watching the shifts in style and standards that have always been part of the profession.

We respond quickly to change, adapting our teaching and course content yearly. We train actors to be well-rounded all-rounders, able to take on any role. We change the groups and the performance directors with each text block to allow you to develop flexibility and confidence in many different styles.

To be a complete actor is to understand the full glory of the past and combine it with the energy and innovation of the present. Because of this Drama Studio London provides a classical training with a modern focus.

Our Style

Our style is not to impose a methodology but to treat our students as adults who, when given a variety of ideas, can develop their own process. We encourage, guide and push each student to make discoveries of their own, helping and encouraging them to become a unique mix of talent, knowledge and skills. We welcome and promote individuality within the strict confines of developing expertise. Intrinsic to this is the value we put on the diversity of backgrounds that our students bring with them.

The clear end to the entire training is a truthful and confident actor who can work creatively and professionally with others.

We teach in groups of approximately twelve to fourteen, to ensure that there is plenty of time for individual attention with the syllabus carefully worked out so that each production block is supported by appropriate class work. For ¾ of the course casting may not be according to type; this develops the students' playing range and abilities. Casting will always be suited to a particular student's need or stage of development.

Every student, regardless of their course, is taken on a path that follows awareness (of their own potential), skills (to realise that potential) and practice (to bring full meaning to the learning).

Our full-time courses are demanding and exhilarating and, therefore, rewarding. Within the framework of vocational, skills-based training we ensure that there is always a balance of class work and performance rehearsal. Early productions, called scene studies, give way to full-length plays as the courses progress, adding lighting, sound, costumes, props and sets.

All of our faculty know the profession from top to bottom. They bring passion, integrity and commitment to every minute of class and rehearsal. We can confidently say we provide a personal, passionate and practical training for the profession by the profession.