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Friends of DSL

A Message from our patron, Dame Judi Dench 


"I am delighted to know that Drama Studio London is trying to set up a bursary scheme to help train talented actors who would otherwise struggle to meet the costs of DSL's excellent training. 

I am happy to support anything that will increase the amount in your coffers and encourage even more impecunious students to take up training. The idea of some of this money coming from successful alumni is very moving and I wish you every success."

What is the history of the Friends of DSL?

The Friends is a small independent and registered charity whose sole purpose - in the past - has been to provide a financial safety net for DSL students. This safety net became known as the Hardship Fund and it provides small bursaries to DSL students who unexpectedly fall on hard times. While the money can't be used to pay for fees, it can, for a short time at least, help pay for accommodation, bills and food. There is a hope that the funds will help lessen worries so that the student is able to concentrate on their studies. We want this to grow.

In the past we have relied on prop, costume and room hire as well as one-off donations, often from alumni, awarding funds only as and when money becomes available.

What's new?

We feel this is no longer good enough. The diversity of student body is vital for the Studio, all students and the profession. Less well-off students are slowly being squeezed out of training at all drama schools and this is no good for anybody. Our aim is to continue the Hardship Fund but increase the coffers so that small bursaries can be available each year to cover some of the fees for our 1 Year vocational course. All the Friends money will be directed towards Student Bursary Awards for deserving students; no money will go elsewhere.

What are we asking from alumni and faculty?

As part of the celebrations for our 50th anniversary in 2016, we hope to raise enough money to set up an ongoing Student Bursary Award fund.

Please donate and become a Friend of DSL. If every graduate donated £10 we would have a fund of over £25,000 by the end of 2016! If everyone donated £25 we would have £62,500!

Payments can be by cheque made out to Friends of Drama Studio London and posted to 1 Grange Road, Ealing, London W5 5QN. You can also make a bank transfer - please contact us for details.

Your generosity (name only) will be acknowledged on our website (unless you ask otherwise).

What are the perks of becoming a Friend?

To be honest remarkably few! You will be welcome to attend our London Showcases (subject to availability) and you will receive discount rates for room/studio hire, but above all, you will be helping to maintain diversity amongst those who train and therefore those in the profession.

Graduate productions


If you would like to donate to our Student Hardship Fund and become a Friend of DSL, please send a cheque made out to 'Friends of Drama Studio London' to:

Drama Studio London
1 Grange Road
W5 5QN

By making a donation you'll be helping to open up the acting profession to those from lower socio-economic backgrounds who may otherwise not be able to afford it.

Thank you.